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Thursday 8:00 - 8:45am

Managing the Perio-Restorative Interface of Different Abutment Types in the Smile Zone – Concepts and Strategies

In order to achieve a harmonious esthetic result of an indirect restoration at the smile zone, the operators should not only choose the material of the restoration, but also analyze and relate to the abutment type and color, as well as consider to the integration of the whole restorative complex with the surrounding tissue, whether of a natural tooth (vital or non-vital), or an implant.

In cases where different types of abutments should be restored at the same arch, the treatment is even more challenging. One should plan ahead for the different phases of the perio-restorative treatment in order to end up with a harmonious natural looking result, by choosing the most suitable materials for each site, so that the combined abutment-crown complexes will blend with each other, as well as with the adjacent dentition and with the vital periodontium in esthetic and healthy conditions.

State-of-the-art strategies will be presented where different abutment types of teeth and implants are to be restored, utilizing diverse laboratory and clinical restorative techniques, as well as different tissue management techniques.

The concepts of model-based restoration and cervical contouring will be presented and analyzed in a variety of esthetically-challenged clinical cases.

At the conclusion of this lecture participants will have gained an understanding of:

  1. The influence of the cervical restoration contour on the position and the shape of the surrounding soft tissue
  2. The role of deep and superficial contours in implant-supported crowns
  3. Marginless abutment design in previously mutilated teeth for restoring the violated biologic width


Nitzan Bichacho, DMD

Nitzan Bichacho, D.M.D. holds the post of expert in prosthodontics at the rank of Professor at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hebrew University and Hadassah, Jerusalem, Israel.

He is a Faculty Member of the Departments of Oral Rehabilitation of both dental facilities at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and at Tel Aviv University.

He is Past President and a Life Member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED) and serves at the editorial boards of leading international dental journals.

Prof. Bichacho is a co-inventor of the Nobel Active Implant System, the V3 implant system (MIS/Dentsply) and is the creator of other techniques that have become widely used around the world.

Prof. Bichacho publishes and lectures worldwide in the fields of dental implant therapy, fixed prosthodontics, interdisciplinary treatments and innovative treatment modalities in esthetic dentistry.

His private practice in Tel Aviv focuses on interdisciplinary treatments, where he collaborates with world-renowned dental technicians.

Mirela Feraru, DMD

Dr. Mirela Feraru graduated in 2005 from the Dental Faculty of the Timisoara University, Romania.

In 2009 she joined the Bichacho Clinic team in Tel Aviv, Israel. For the last 8 years Dr. Feraru has gained in-depth knowledge and experience in all fields of perio-prosthetic esthetic dentistry, focusing on restorative and perioplastic surgery treatments.

She continues studying and participating in advanced programs and courses in the various fields of modern perio-prosthetics.

In addition Dr. Feraru has acquired extensive experience in high-quality dental photographic documentation and has been sharing it with colleagues world-wide through articles, lectures, and workshops.

Dr. Feraru Bichacho publishes and lectures worldwide on restorative adhesive treatments, interdisciplinary state-of-the-art perio-prosthetic concepts and treatments and on high-end treatment-dedicated dental visualization, on which she has authored a book to be published by Quintessence Publishing.

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